Websecurify for iOS

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  • Mobile Throughout

    Web application security testing on the go.

    Get access to Websecurify's state of the art web application security testing platform at any time and from anywhere. Simply type the target url and get a complete web application security report in just a few moments. It is that easy.

  • Designed for iOS

    Fully integrated and optimized for iOS.

    Websecurify iOS app is compatible with iPad, iPhone, and iPod. The core testing and vulnerability discovery technology is optimized to run quickly and efficiently providing you the best possible mobile user experience.

  • Advanced Reporting

    Instant access to risks and vulnerabilities.

    Security reports are compiled while the test is in progress, giving you instant access to all important information you may need. You can even email partial reports while the test is running, allowing you to quickly respond to risk.

Ability to Email Reports

Websecurify for iOS can generate an email of all detected issues together with additional test information and examples of web requests suitable for further exploration of the found vulnerabilities. This feature is available at any stage of the testing process, which means that you can send an email even before the test is completed.

email security reports security reoprt in iMail

Detailed Descriptions Plus Examples

Each detected issue is augmented with clear and down-to-the-point description and solution, additional details and in many situations example requests, which are suitable for repeating the test by hand. The main application view is free from unnecessary clutter, allowing you to get a glimpse of all findings as quickly as possible.

security reporting tool sql injection finding

List of Most Recent Targets

Websecurify keeps track of most recent target URLs inside the Targets tab. This is especially useful in situations, which require to quickly test an application without the need to re-enter its URL from the touch keyboard. Simply open the Targets tab and select your application from the list.

target selection list security scan in progress