Websecurify free and premium security tools automatically scan websites for vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and others

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Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

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  • Simple And Intuitive

    Designed with simplicity in mind

    WebReaver is an elegant, easy to use and fully-automated, web application security security testing tool for Mac OS X. It is suitable for novice as well as advanced users. WebReaver allows you easily test any web application for a large variety of security issues.

  • Designed for Mac OS X

    Native OS X user experience

    WebReaver was designed from scratch as a native Mac OS X desktop application, taking advantage of all native performance and visual benefits of the Apple's latest operating system. Simply put, WebReaver is the best web security testing tool for Mac Desktop.

  • Powered By Websecurify

    Websecurify's latest testing engine

    WebReaver is powered by Websecurify's latest security testing engine, which comes with over 70 generic vulnerability checks ranging form SQL Injection, Expression Injection and Cross-site Scripting to Session Management issues, Information Disclousure and many others.

native user experience designed for Mac OS X

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Web Application Vulnerability Scanner

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