Websecurify free and premium security tools automatically scan websites for vulnerabilities like SQL Injection, Cross-site Scripting and others

Websecurify Cohesion

  • Deeply Integrated

    Unifies continuous delivery with security.

    Websecurify Cohesion augments your build and deployment process with powerful automated web application security testing capabilities. Simply put, you will be able to perform a full web security assessment on your pre-production and test application environments to ensure that no obvious bugs are present before release.

  • Built for Scalability

    Fast and efficient out of the box.

    The testing engine is designed to find vulnerabilities in a fast and efficient manner. This means that integrating Cohesion in your Continues Delivery life-cycle will have almost no impact what-so-ever on the performance of the build process. You can even fine-tune Cohesion for even better performance and control.

  • Maintenance Free

    No additional infrastructure required.

    You don't need to install and maintain new servers. You don't need to satisfy complex dependencies. You don't need to write any code. All you have to do is to copy a jar file into your repository and call our Maven or Ant plugin. If you prefer you can even invoke the tool directly from the command line. It is really that simple.

Continuous Integration + Security

Embed-able web security solution designed to automate your SDLC

Simple Maven And Ant Integration

Cohesion is easy to integrate into your existing Maven and Ant projects. It acts as a plugin and requires minimum configuration. There are multiple ways to integrate cohesion and you can use it even as a command line tool.

Eclipse Maven integration

Automatically Failing Insecure Builds

Out of the box, Cohesion will break every build that contains high or critical vulnerabilities. You can tune the minimum severity level as you fill fit or you can completely turn it off. Security tests can be performed at any stage of the building and integration testing process.

Maven configuration for automatic scanning

Programmable Reporting And More

Cohesion outputs results as part of the build log and also into separate HTML, XML, JSON and CSV files. These files are easy to consume by other parts of your continuous integration workflow to produce detailed build reports augmented with security information.

Test report XML

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